About the Show

Polly [The Director]: Fanciful. Hopeful. Enthusiastic.


Dave [The Actor]: Mulish. Pessimistic. Grumpy.

This unlikley duo try to stage a one-man version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with expectedly chaotic and hilarious consequences.

Imagine Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream brought to life with a cast of just one. Sounds crazy? That’s the task facing enthusiastic young director Polly. If the magnitude of her job wasn’t too much she’s also got to contend with Dave, the actor chosen for the piece. Grumpy, jaded and definitely not up for wearing fairy wings and a tutu, Dave can imagine nothing worse than optimistic Polly’s whimsical vision for the Dream.

Oh P*ck! is a hilarious original comedy where personalities clash on the journey towards opening night. Will the show go on? Will Polly realise her vision? Will Dave discover his inner mischief before he shoves Polly’s fluffy pen somewhere unmentionable? Discover for yourself at the world premiere of Oh P*ck!

Written by up-and-coming playwright, Sarah Fellows, Oh P*ck was originally developed by Experience Theatre in Birmingham in October 2014.

Now it is coming to The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington for its first ever professional production and world premiere as part of the hugely successful Camden Fringe.

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